Ducks on the Pond Lager - 6.0%

Just in time for Oktoberfest celebrations, this hoppy lager is the result of our latest collaboration with Lone Eagle Brewing Co. We used a decoction mash in the style of a traditional European lager with German Hallertau Mittelfruh in the kettle before dry-hopping with new-world hops Azacca and Motueka for a juicy, tropical expression. An India Pale Lager comes to mind with the beer's rich, melon-y flavor, clean fermentation profile and fantastic hop and malt balance. The bases are loaded and we hit it out of the park with this one.

Brute Squad, The Two Ton Anniversary Ale - 10.2%

Hoppier than its European cousins, an American barleywine still features rich malt complexity and floral aromatics from the high alcohol content. We layered four different malts to impart flavors of caramel, toffee and a light roastiness. However, with this style of barleywine, the initial burst of malt sweetness fades to a dry, snappy finish. Also, this beer was aged on American oak, which imparts subtle hints of sweet vanilla, coconut, ripe fruit and cinnamon.

Hammer and Ale, Imperial IPA - 9.0%

Redefining what an IPA can be, Hammer and Ale tantalizes the senses with wonderful hop flavors and outstanding aromas, but without the harsh bitterness that characterizes many IPAs.  Frequently described as tasting of juicy citrus fruit and resinous pine, our recipe features a blend of three malts that provide a sweet backbone to support a symphony of four different hops. These combine to yield a fresh, tropical flavor with tremendous depth and complexity.

pleaTed wheaT, Hefeweizen - 6.4%

A collaboration with our friends at Manskirt Brewing, this beer is a modern interpretation of the classic German Hefeweizen style. Incredibly crisp, dry and refreshing, we finished the beer with Japanese yuzu fruit and grapefruit zest. This subtle citrus combo perfectly complements the traditional character of the Hefeweizen style. 

Two Ton White IPA - 6.3%

Hazy white and single-hopped with Nugget, this unfiltered IPA features abundant juicy citrus flavors and aromas. We used a strain of yeast from one of Belgium's most respected brewing lineages to create a light and crushable summer quaff.  Interestingly, this hop-forward beer is supported by a surprisingly complex malt bill, using five different grains to build a slightly sweet and smooth base for a huge charge of dry hops.  

Kölsch-Style Ale  -  5.1% 

Inspired by the traditional beers of Cologne (Köln) Germany, our interpretation of the style is brewed with the customary German pilsner malt and classic yeast strain, but hopped with a twist.  We used Liberty hops, an American variety known for its floral aroma and lemon/citrus notes.  This twist makes for a light, crisp, and deliciously refreshing beverage.     


Wassale, Belgian Winter Ale - 9.1%

Wassale is the quintessential beverage to help celebrate the holiday season. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Rinn Duin Brewery, the caramel malts shine through, complemented by Valencia orange zest, roasted apples and a hint of spice. It's like eating a toffee apple at a holiday party. Cheers! 


The Extra-Special Chocolate-Vanilla Porter - 7.4%

Imagine chocolate milk for grownups.  Rich, creamy, and delicious, it’s the perfect way to warm up on a winter night.  Roasted barley and caramel malts take the lead, with gentle Golding hops behind them.  However, the real stars of this beer are the genuine cocoa and Grade-A Madagascar vanilla beans, which provide  that sensational combination of chocolate and vanilla.  A new twist on a time-honored tradition.

1st Place Winner, People's Choice Award, 2017 Big Brew Festival
2nd Place Winner, People's Choice Award, 2016 Big Brew Festival

Saison du Hudson, Belgian Saison - 7.0% 

Dry and crisp, this beer offers tremendous Belgian yeast character, complemented with bright citrus flavors and aromas. Brewed in collaboration with Cypress Brewing (Edison, NJ), we finished the beer with fresh lemongrass, coriander and the zest from 8 lbs of tangerines (which, by the way, takes a long time to zest if you're doing it by hand).