EXTRA-Special News!

Sunday morning, and we find ourselves honored and humbled.

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Big Brew Festival yesterday in Morristown. We were delighted to be pouring three of our favorite winter brews on a chilly March afternoon: The Extra-Special Chocolate Vanilla Porter, the winter Wassale and our Brute Squad Barleywine, an anniversary offering in celebration of our upcoming three-year anniversary on March 10!

And then, to find out that we were awarded the People's Choice Award for the Extra-Special Chocolate Vanilla Porter ... WOW! Thank you all for your votes - and we hope you'll continue to enjoy it as long as the cold weather is here to stay!


Happy x3: Two Ton owners Doc, Matt and Jim at the Morristown Big Brew Festival 2017

Resolved: A Brighter 2017!

A new year brings with it a certain purity and promise that you just can't find anywhere else. We're done wrapping up the last of our loose ends from 2016 and have decided to get the new year off to a fresh start.

If you saw the Two Ton crew at any festival last fall, then you also saw our "You Give, You Get" signs and piles of dog treats. Many of you inquired about them; even more of you donated. And we are pleased to report that our neighbors at the Friends of Linden Animal Shelter were grateful for all the love they received from you all during 2016. 

Here at Two Ton, we're a family business, born and bred in New Jersey. We are proud to call this state home, excited to do business here and eager to make those personal connections that make this small state so great. We are locals and we support locals - and we are so thrilled that so many of you believed in our cause as well.

So, we start 2017 with hope in our hearts and a resolve to make this year one for the record books. Come out and find us at beer festivals, tap takeovers, bottle releases and more throughout the year. We love your feedback, your friendship and your faith in us. 

One Year Later...

Last year, Two Ton made its festival debut at the Whippany Fire Department's Garden State Brew Fest. And it was amazing. We put up a tent, brought our best beers and T-shirts, overstuffed said tent with eager volunteers ... and BOY did we feel the love. Got off to a great start with our friends at Two Roads, met a bunch of the industry veterans, gained some festival pointers from other local NJ breweries ... and just made a splash in general.

So where will you find us this weekend? That's right. Back at Garden State Brew Fest ... a delicious way to taste your way through some of NJ's finest breweries AND raise funds for the Whippany Fire Department at the same time.

Tomorrow, we're offering our White IPA, Kolsch and pleaTed wheaT (that delicious Hefeweizen collab brewed with our good friend Joe, from Manskirt Brewing). Get your favorites on tap... and meet the brains behind our incredible team: Doc, Matt and Jim. 

Want a T-shirt? We'll have them, too. Dog treats? We're baking up a fresh batch right now. Get it all, Jersey Fresh, Saturday, 9/24 starting at noon. 

(use coupon code WFC10V as long as it still works!!)

It's Hammer Time!

Last year, we were super excited to bring you Hammer & Ale, our inaugural Imperial IPA. Hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since we last brewed this beer. But in that time, we've grown a lot as brewers and we think this newest iteration is really going to be something special. 

We will be brewing Hammer & Ale this week and plan to use more than 60 pounds of our favorite Yakima Valley hops to yield the bright, bold, tropical citrus flavors and aromas we're craving now that the first leaves have started falling from the trees.

Always sad to see summer come to an end, but we're filled with a sense of possibility now that the weather is changing. Especially with festival season just around the corner. Look for us around the state in the weeks to come - and stay tuned to find out what else we've got brewing.


Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee...

We are not in Milwaukee, but we are out in the park today at the Beer, Bacon, BBQ event in Lewis Morris Park. And in addition to meeting some awesome people this afternoon, we are thrilled to report that our dog treat fundraiser to support Friends of Linden Animal Shelter brought in more than $100. 

Thank you to everyone who donated today and to everyone who came out to meet us today! 

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Here at Two Ton, we've been spending a lot of time recently with our fellow NJ brewers. We're calling this the summer of collaboration because we seem to have a new collab in the works scheduled for every month.  

The purpose is two-fold.

One, we get to bring you new brews every few weeks. Just when you think you're ready for something new, you can be assured that we will be ready with fresh, innovative flavors that combine the best ideas from our growing brotherhood of brewers.

Two, we get to explore, create and really push the envelope with some of the best brewers around the state.

This weekend we're sending Matt and Jim back up to Manskirt Brewery in Hackettstown to put the finishing touches on a special seasonal Hefeweizen that will make its debut at the NJ Beer BBQ Bacon Showdown at Morristown's Lewis Morris Park on May 21. Come visit us and check it out... And save $12 off the price of admission with code TWOTON at checkout.

And maybe... Just maybe... We'll give you a hint about what else is going to be on tap this summer! 

Two Ton Turns Two

We’re turning two.

We started this labor of love in a way that aligned itself with ideas of being wrought from materials that had to be shaped by hand, over time. We loved our collective past – and in it saw ourselves as workers. Two Ton is a committed part of the brewing community. We are craftsmen in a community of the same - and our brews are individual creations.  But in the two years of bringing our beloved brews to fruition, our vision has grown. 

A reflection: We think about the architecture of the beers, not just from a chemistry and recipe standpoint, but also as an element in a story. And each beer, as we craft what will be the final recipe, has a life of its own, a story arc, and that is built on a foundation of real and imagined places, history and people.

We took these ideas to our design team to develop something that reflects our spirit, passion, humor, craft, and direction. Our new logo embodies these qualities; it is a seal – the promise of high quality, interesting and worthwhile brews.

We are grateful that you have traveled this road as companions. With excitement, on the occasion of our second birthday, we bring you our new look.