You Get What You Wish For...

For as long as the littlest Two Ton member has been wishing for a pony, Jim has been wishing for a trench drain. The littlest turned 6 last Friday ... and although she was blessed with a perfect day for a birthday party, it was Jim who finally got his wish. 

We borrowed the best of the best in trench drain diggers - Charlie - plus all the muscles we could round up to dig out the brewery floor itself. The lines are straight, the drain is pitched ... and Jim and Matt can't WAIT to start dumping liquid everywhere!

In Thanks

There is much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. It's not just the opportunity to enjoy good beer around an overstuffed table, surrounded by friends and family. It's not just the new location of our long-term home. It's not just another successful year.

The Two Ton family has been through quite a lot together this past year. Some good. Some not so good. But we've come out of it a stronger family with a greater faith in ourselves and one another. And we've been blessed with amazing friends who have helped us through our biggest challenges to date. Those friends have become family - and so we continue to grow.

And with our hearts and minds as full of gratitude as our stomachs are of turkey and pie, we would like to extend to you the very happiest of Thanksgivings. May the best people in your life be around your table and in your hearts - and their love and support with you always.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Call for Porter ... Line Two

Are you old enough to remember actually dialing a phone number? Or when being "on hold" meant covering the receiver end of the phone with your hand?

Well, our latest collaboration is not going to bring the ol' rotary phone back - except on the label art! Introducing 201 Ton, a delicious fall porter collaboration with Departed Soles, brewed with gingerbread maple syrup from our friends at Bushwick Kitchen and vanilla. 

Makes the perfect addition to your holiday meal - or to help you endure the frantic holiday shopping that is just around the corner.

Big News for National Beer Day!

We couldn't let the day pass without wishing everyone a Happy National Beer Day. Hope the confluence of a pre-Halloween weekend, Friday happy hour with this momentous day gives you reason to celebrate.

Here at Two Ton, we're celebrating in a REALLY big way. We have a long-term home in Kenilworth, NJ. A tremendous thank you to all the folks who helped us find our forever home in Union County - and a pre-thank you to everyone who will help us in getting our doors open.

More details to come, but in the meantime, find yourself a tasty beverage and enjoy a spectacular afternoon and evening!

All Tapped Out...

That was us on Saturday at the Central Jersey Beer Fest in Mercer County Park. We filled our firkin with the best fall blend we could imagine: pumpkin, apples, caramel and spices. Basically, head to your favorite "U-Pick" location, grab one of everything and throw it in the kettle.

And yes, it turned out to be a fan favorite on a quintessential fall weekend. A bit of drizzle, a crisp afternoon and a touch of sun. Plus, some of our favorite beer drinkers! Thanks to all who came out to visit us and for all the great feedback we received!

Looking forward to a fall full of great harvests, better brews and lots of love.

You're Welcome ... and Thank You!

Funny how the smallest thing can sometimes turn around an otherwise lousy day.

For us, it was an e-mail we just recently received from an appreciative fan. For that fan, it was, apparently, a taste of Ducks on the Pond. See below:

Station Bar & Grill is across the street from my abysmal job, so we occasionally head in there after work.

After 8 hours of misery, having a beer as perfectly balanced as Ducks on tap turns a person's day around.

You're doing God's work.

Sorry about the work week, but thanks for the compliment! 

So There We Were...

... just minding our own business. Three generations of the Two Ton Brewing family hanging out this past weekend at a football game...  (And no, before you think this gets political, this is about beer and brotherhood!)

... when a couple of beer-loving hipsters (we could recognize our own by the length of the beard) stopped to admire our handsome Two Ton tent - a necessity given the heat on Sunday! We got to talking and learned they hailed from Colorado, but liked to visit other stadiums and this was their turn to head to Jersey. (Sidebar... does it count as a visit to the Jets or the Giants? Do they have to make two trips to the same stadium? We forgot to ask.)

Since we had a small sampling of Ducks on the Pond to enjoy while tailgating, we invited our new hipster friends over to the tent for some samples. And all of a sudden, it felt like a small festival broke out! Probably helped that one of our favorite festival organizers also happened to be a fan - and in the parking lot nearby - at the same game. Nearly a dozen friends, old and new, and family hanging out in the shade of the Two Ton tent, swapping tasty beverages, tossing a football and enjoying a fantastic sense of camaraderie.

Can't ask for much more from a festive fall Sunday afternoon.