Another Festive(al) Weekend Coming Up!

It's been a busy few weeks for Two Ton Brewing as we've been making the rounds on the beer festival circuit. And this weekend is no exception. Come visit us in Point Pleasant at Beer on the Boards! We'll be there at both the 12:30-4PM and 6-9:30 PM sessions.

Hop heads: Stop by and check out our Hammer & Ale IPA. We went the citrus route with our hops in this brew, so you may taste oranges, tangerines ... even grapefruit.

Not feeling so hoppy: Then you've got to try The Extra-Special. It's a porter, but it doesn't have that dark, heavy taste you're expecting from that super dark brown color. You'll find that perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla, with hints of coffee from the roasted grains

Not sure which beer tickles your tastebuds? Well then, try them both. :) Go ahead. We'll pour. And then come back for more.

Two Ton Brewing