In Our Brothers We Trust ...

Two Ton Brewing is about craftsmanship and our promise to you. We are part of a tradition of American craftsmen giving our full attention to every step of the process and offering respect for the product and the art and history of brewing. But before we were Two Ton Brewing, we were family members who supported one another’s endeavors.

Jim’s college semester abroad in Germany first sparked an interest in craft beer. Once back in the U.S., he and his college girlfriend (now wife) brewed their first batch of beer together on the stove of a dorm kitchen. Those first beers were awful, but his passion led Jim to continue brewing as a hobby and improving upon his craft ever since.

With nine years between them, Matt discovered his passion for craft beer long after his eldest brother. But his enthusiasm and energy soon combined with a discerning palate and entrepreneurial vision to turn Jim's hobby into a commercial brewing company.

With the backing and support of their father, Doc, an administrator with decades of experience, Jim and Matt launched Two Ton Brewing in March of 2014. Now, 15 years after that first brewing experiment, we bring you the many fruits of our labor, bottled or in kegs, for your enjoyment.

 In short, Two Ton Brewing  is the story of our brotherhood, our trust in one another - and we invite you to join us in New Jersey's incredible craft beer community.


Two Ton Brewing