New Brews ... Brew News ... It's all the same

To start, we’d like to welcome our new assistant brewer, Joe, to the Two Ton family. He’s been helping us crank out a whole bunch of brews the past couple weeks and we are super excited to have him on board. Good things are on the horizon!

And now that we’ve got our feet under us a bit, we’re working on expanding the menus and taplines to enhance your Two Ton experience. Yes, you’ll still find all your favorites on the regular menu board. But we’re adding a lager (Crispy Boi) and an altbier (Schlanpüffe) to this week’s draught menu.

But wait… that’s not all! For those of you with a taste for adventure, we invite you to head down to the library to see what’s pouring down there. Or, inquire with your server about a hidden menu item - as long as it lasts. We can’t all FLOC to a perfectly paired dinner-beer experience this weekend, but we’ll do our best to tantalize your tastebuds.

Two Ton Brewing