Resolved: A Brighter 2017!

A new year brings with it a certain purity and promise that you just can't find anywhere else. We're done wrapping up the last of our loose ends from 2016 and have decided to get the new year off to a fresh start.

If you saw the Two Ton crew at any festival last fall, then you also saw our "You Give, You Get" signs and piles of dog treats. Many of you inquired about them; even more of you donated. And we are pleased to report that our neighbors at the Friends of Linden Animal Shelter were grateful for all the love they received from you all during 2016. 

Here at Two Ton, we're a family business, born and bred in New Jersey. We are proud to call this state home, excited to do business here and eager to make those personal connections that make this small state so great. We are locals and we support locals - and we are so thrilled that so many of you believed in our cause as well.

So, we start 2017 with hope in our hearts and a resolve to make this year one for the record books. Come out and find us at beer festivals, tap takeovers, bottle releases and more throughout the year. We love your feedback, your friendship and your faith in us. 

Two Ton Brewing