So There We Were...

... just minding our own business. Three generations of the Two Ton Brewing family hanging out this past weekend at a football game...  (And no, before you think this gets political, this is about beer and brotherhood!)

... when a couple of beer-loving hipsters (we could recognize our own by the length of the beard) stopped to admire our handsome Two Ton tent - a necessity given the heat on Sunday! We got to talking and learned they hailed from Colorado, but liked to visit other stadiums and this was their turn to head to Jersey. (Sidebar... does it count as a visit to the Jets or the Giants? Do they have to make two trips to the same stadium? We forgot to ask.)

Since we had a small sampling of Ducks on the Pond to enjoy while tailgating, we invited our new hipster friends over to the tent for some samples. And all of a sudden, it felt like a small festival broke out! Probably helped that one of our favorite festival organizers also happened to be a fan - and in the parking lot nearby - at the same game. Nearly a dozen friends, old and new, and family hanging out in the shade of the Two Ton tent, swapping tasty beverages, tossing a football and enjoying a fantastic sense of camaraderie.

Can't ask for much more from a festive fall Sunday afternoon.

Two Ton Brewing