There's No Place Like Home...

We're beginning to think Dorothy had it easy, making her way to Oz en route back home.

Here at Two Ton, we're still on the hunt for our forever home - and it's a search that's taken us all over NJ, though admittedly, we'd like to stay in Union County. But finding the right sized space with all the amenities a brewery would need for daily operations... well, that's proving tougher than we originally anticipated. Roll top doors; ample, well-lit parking; adequate ceiling height... OH MY! 

Fortunately, like Dorothy, we've got some good friends helping us out along the way. And far fewer witches and flying monkeys to contend with.

Until we find our space and get the doors open, continue to look for us at festivals and in bars and liquor stores around NJ (ruby shoes and heel clicking not required). Coming up soon is one of our perennial favorites: The Morristown Big Brew Festival on Oct. 7 and at the Central Jersey Beer Fest on Oct 14! See you there!

Two Ton Brewing