Two Heads Are Better Than One

Here at Two Ton, we've been spending a lot of time recently with our fellow NJ brewers. We're calling this the summer of collaboration because we seem to have a new collab in the works scheduled for every month.  

The purpose is two-fold.

One, we get to bring you new brews every few weeks. Just when you think you're ready for something new, you can be assured that we will be ready with fresh, innovative flavors that combine the best ideas from our growing brotherhood of brewers.

Two, we get to explore, create and really push the envelope with some of the best brewers around the state.

This weekend we're sending Matt and Jim back up to Manskirt Brewery in Hackettstown to put the finishing touches on a special seasonal Hefeweizen that will make its debut at the NJ Beer BBQ Bacon Showdown at Morristown's Lewis Morris Park on May 21. Come visit us and check it out... And save $12 off the price of admission with code TWOTON at checkout.

And maybe... Just maybe... We'll give you a hint about what else is going to be on tap this summer! 

Two Ton Brewing