Two Ton Turns Two

We’re turning two.

We started this labor of love in a way that aligned itself with ideas of being wrought from materials that had to be shaped by hand, over time. We loved our collective past – and in it saw ourselves as workers. Two Ton is a committed part of the brewing community. We are craftsmen in a community of the same - and our brews are individual creations.  But in the two years of bringing our beloved brews to fruition, our vision has grown. 

A reflection: We think about the architecture of the beers, not just from a chemistry and recipe standpoint, but also as an element in a story. And each beer, as we craft what will be the final recipe, has a life of its own, a story arc, and that is built on a foundation of real and imagined places, history and people.

We took these ideas to our design team to develop something that reflects our spirit, passion, humor, craft, and direction. Our new logo embodies these qualities; it is a seal – the promise of high quality, interesting and worthwhile brews.

We are grateful that you have traveled this road as companions. With excitement, on the occasion of our second birthday, we bring you our new look.


Two Ton Brewing