At Two Ton Brewing Co., our goal is to create well-crafted beer for craft beer drinkers, focusing on taste above all else. We consider ourselves part of a growing brotherhood of craftsmen with deep roots steeped in tradition. We devote our full attention to the beer we brew, building off the traditions and recipes of the great brewers who have come before us while keeping an eye on the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Ours is a family business in every sense of the word. CFO Dr. Mario C. Barbiere, affectionately known as Doc to everyone except his grandkids, is the father of four boys, three of whom can be found in the brewery on a regular basis. Our CEO, Matthew Barbiere, runs day-to-day operations, sales, distribution and keeps his finger on the industry’s pulse. President and Head Brewer Jim Barbiere, thrives in the atmosphere of artistic freedom and demanding precision that brewing demands. Our first business meetings took place around the kitchen table - and sometimes they still do. Along the way, we've gotten considerable help from all branches of our family tree: business expertise, design ideas, field research, woodworking/construction and so much more.

Jim may have brewed his first batch of beer (perhaps recklessly) on the stove of his college dorm. But, years later, he again warmed to the idea of home-brewing with a more thorough, attentive approach to the brewing process. When the kettles started to outgrow the kitchen stove, home-brewing operations moved to the garage and quickly grew in scale. As his results improved, Matt’s entrepreneurial side blossomed and the two joined forces with Doc to move the hobby to a commercial scale.

In September of 2015, Two Ton recorded its first sales as a contract brewer. We kicked things off with the inaugural Hammer & Ale Imperial IPA, a recipe Jim brewed more than 25 times in a row until he felt it was ready for mass consumption. Brewed with "a ton of hops and a ton of grain," Hammer & Ale was a nod to the Two Ton name itself.

In the years since that first commercial batch, we've been proud to bring many more fresh and innovative brews to market. And we've collaborated with a half dozen breweries around the state to make things fun and interesting. We've travelled all over the state for festivals, tap takeovers and more. At every event, we had to answer the inevitable questions: when can we visit you and where are you located?

In October 2018, we finally opened the doors of our new production facility and eagerly welcomed the public to join us in our new space. We have 20 tap lines with rotating beers on draught, three unique taproom spaces and some of the friendliest and most knowledgable bartenders around.