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Private Party Room for up to 30 people

Shared with permission of the Google Reviewer.

Shared with permission of the Google Reviewer.

Looking to host an event at your favorite brewery? Look no further! We would love to help you celebrate any special occasions, that’s why we have our private party room downstairs exclusively for you! Birthdays, holiday parties, showers, engagement parties, networking events, corporate functions, charity events... if you’ve got an idea for a gathering, just reach out!

Please use the form below to provide us with as much info about your event as possible (date, times, type of function, contact info). We will respond with an estimate or pricing details based on the info you have provided. We do request approximately one month’s notice for most events in order to be able to staff them properly. Please note: The private event fee covers just the facility rental and taxes. The cost of beer consumed and gratuity will be billed separately at the conclusion of your event.

With regards to food and outside beverages, state regulations do not permit any production brewery in NJ to serve food. You are welcome to bring your own food, have your event catered or hire a food truck for your event. Regulations also require you to remove all food / catering materials at the end of your event. We also prohibit outside alcohol from our facility. If it’s not brewed at Two Ton, it needs to stay home. Non-alcoholic beverages may be provided by you or your caterer.

If you are looking to join or coordinate a large group at the brewery during normal business hours, we would recommend calling ahead (e-mail works too!) to check if there are any events that might conflict with your plans. We do not reserve tables for parties in our main taproom. Larger groups coming to hang in the main taproom may only “save” seats for the number of people present in the group. Please also note: Decorations/balloons are welcome in the reserved space downstairs only as we need to maintain a safe and sterile production area upstairs for the brew crew. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please note that while children are welcome at Two Ton Brewing Co., this is also a production facility and any children in attendance should be well supervised for their safety. Underage patrons will NOT be served alcohol at any time or under any circumstances.
I understand my guests and I CAN NOT bring outside alcohol to my event. *