Grind My Boots Stout - 9.2 %ABV


This pastry stout was brewed with coffee, cocoa and hazelnut. Its rich, deep, complex flavors arrive with the subtle warmth of smooth mocha chocolate, coffee, silky candy bar.

the extra-special chocolate vanilla porter - 8.0 %ABV


Our award-winning porter is like drinking chocolate milk for grownups.  Rich, creamy, and delicious, it’s brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans and Dutch cocoa and served on Nitro.  Roasted barley and caramel malts take the lead, with gentle Golding hops behind them. The vanilla flavor hits your palette first, with the chocolate’s roasty undertones offering the perfect counterbalance. A new twist on a time-honored tradition.

1st Place Winner, People’s Choice Award, 2017 Big Brew Festival
2nd Place Winner, People’s Choice Award, 2016 Big Brew Festival

internet cats NZ IPA - 7.2% ABV


Meow this is a beer we can really get behind. Internet Cats is a New Zealand style IPA, double dry-hopped with Citra, Pacifica and Pacifica gem hops. Silky smooth and melon-forward flavors dance on the palate, as playful and personality-fueled as those silly, fickle felines. Lolz!

Ja! Ja! Ja! Hefeweizen - 6.9% ABV


Ja, this is a Hefeweizen, but we added ze pineapple in to make it fun and summery. About 20lbs of pineapple per barrel of beer!

dats dat new new DDH NE IPA - 5.0% ABV


One of our latest recipes to scratch that itch for the “haze craze,” this North-East style IPA is dry-hopped with Bru-1, Chinook, Azacca and Nugget.

full send saison - 8.1 %ABV


The name ‘saison’ comes from the French word for season and we hope you find this beer to be the perfect beverage for the spring and summer seasons. We brewed this beverage with two different kinds of yeast. It’s bursting with flavor additions thanks to grains of paradise and lemongrass in the boil, with additional lemon zest added to the fermenter for a top citrus note.

crispy boi lager- 5.6% ABV


A traditional German-style lager brewed with 100% German ingredients and traditional brewing methods. Hallertau Mittelfruh hops provide delicate florals and noble hop aromas, but the beer finishes with an irrefutable snap. This beer lives up to its name!

Hammer and Ale Imperial IPA - 9.1% ABV


Redefining what a West Coast Style IPA can be, Hammer and Ale tantalizes the senses with wonderful hop flavors and outstanding aromas, but without the harsh bitterness that characterizes many IPAs. Our recipe features a blend of three malts that provide a sweet backbone to support a symphony of hops, including Nugget, Magnum and Chinook in the brew, then finished with Simcoe, Nugget and Idaho 7. It’s basically hop candy.

Alex Biese, Asbury Park Press, April 2, 2019:

Hammer and Ale, Two Ton Brewing Co., Kenilworth

If you're looking to explain how beer can rise to the level of high art, exhibit A ought to be Hammer and Ale, the flaghship imperial India pale ale of Kenilworth's Two Ton Brewing Co.
It's a beer rooted in the old school West Coast IPA tradition, but a remarkably delicate hop and malt interplay gives it a rich, smooth sweetness that owes something to the current North East IPA craze. It's an astounding balancing act that belies its hefty 9.1 percent ABV.



Our American style Barleywine is hoppier than its sweeter English counterparts. The robust malt profile imparts flavors of caramel, toffee and a light roastiness while the assertive hop snap conceals any boozy flavors you’d expect from its high alcohol content. This beer was aged on medium char French Oak.

Totally Rad(ler) - 3.5% ABV


While sitting in our beer garden, it came to us that we needed a light, refreshing, low ABV beer for the warm summer weather. This realization led us to create this totally crushable beer. Radlers are know for their juice additions, and this one includes lemon juice and lactose. Best enjoyed outdoors! 

“The Style-Ale” Ginger-Lime Kolsch - 7.0% ABV


This German Kolsch-style ale was brewed with the finest ginger and key lime ingredients. Ride the flavor wave this summer with this strong, but refreshing twist on a classic style. Prost! 

Kitty Paws Sour IPA — 5.2% ABV


Remember the candy Sour Patch Kids from when we were kids? Yeah, so do we. Fondly. That combination of tart and juicy/fruity is a flavor we’ve been dying to re-create here at Two Ton. Kitty Paws began as a New England style IPA with a touch of pleasant tartness to bounce around the palate. It imparts a melon flavor like ripe honeydew and a beautifully bright yellow and hazy color without being aggressively sour.

low orbit ion cannon NE IPA - 7.1% ABV


Fruity, juicy … everything you’ve come to expect from a NE IPA. Front and center is a big bouquet of tropical fruit flavors courtesy of Citra, Columbus and Cashmere hops, plus additions of lactose and pineapple. Our version finishes exceptionally smooth, dry and crisp.

Wrought Gold Blond Ale - 5.5% ABV


Not everything we brew at Two Ton is a heavy hitter and Wrought Gold is the perfect answer to your search for a light, quaffable beverage. This blond ale boasts smooth, round flavors of malt and slightly juicy Citra and Liberty hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast. In a time gone by, this might be called a Working Man’s Beverage, but we find it’s a popular choice for anyone who’s put in a long day.


Situation Normal… How Are You? American Pale Ale- 6.9% ABV


Our homage to the American Pale Ale is brewed with five different grains, Cascade hop extract in the boil and was dry hopped with Idaho 7, Belma and Chinook. It was named for a fairly obscure reference to a line from Star Wars.



It’s the opposite of Déja Vu. You think you’ve had a Belgian Tripel before … but we took ours in a whole new direction. Chamomile starts things off strong, but look for hints of cardamom and orange zest somewhere in the mix. And watch out … it doesn’t taste like it’s 9%!